I make fun and unique portraits for fun and unique people because oftentimes people don’t find themselves to be either. My goal is that when someone commissions a portrait from me they immediately get that feeling when they view the final work.

you’re more unique than you think

My Process

I really take my time to get to know who I’m creating a portrait for. I ask a series of questions before hand and throughout to ensure I’m invoking who they are in my work. I pick themes from our conversation and incorporate that into the portrait. Everything discussed is respected and the client chooses what is allowed to share or not.

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Recent Commission:

After having a rough life in Rio de Janeiro, Leo had the opportunity to move to the UK with some friends. His perseverance and remaining true to himself no matter how hard things got is what I believe to have cause him to be in a happy place in his life now.

I truly admire him and find him to be a reminder that it’s never to late to find true happiness.

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