At the age of thirteen I was diagnosed with type one diabetes. I was considered to be one of the older patients and did not have priority over the Nintendo 64. I was given paper and pen instead. My days at the hospital were filled with drawing people as they passed by my room. This prompted my mother to put me in an art school. However, I was placed in a school where they only spoke Mandarin! There I learned to draw portraits and paint landscapes. Despite the language barrier I realized how art in itself was a universal language.

An old Italian woman came to the hill where I was, and offered me to come to her home to remedy the bee sting by placing an onion over my eye. Naive and hopeful I followed. As I watched the woman interact with her family and go about her daily tasks, I realized there and then my passion for telling people’s stories through portraiture. From creating portraits I could communicate an entire story about someone without having to say a word. And to connect despite where we may come from.

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Le Pouf Art is my gallery and studio space. It houses my original oil and acrylic paintings along with limited edition prints. Studio visits and showings are available by appointment only. However, live painting sessions are always open for walk-ins.

I offer portrait commissions done in graphite or digital.

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Art Center at City Market (Studio 6 Upper Level)

309 West St. Julian Street 

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