Don't Grill Me, Son

“I was being nostalgic and remember going to school in NYC as my mom worked as a school lunch helper.  Growing up in the 90s when Hip Hop and R&B were on the rise again, grills were often shown as a sign of wealth and being cool. As a young kid in school, I obviously didn’t have money for gold or diamond-plated fronts. So my friends and I would take the wrappers from gum and fix them to our teeth! This piece shows what it is to try to be cool at a young age and to show off. But to know you’re still this goofy beautiful nerd on the inside”

Our heavier-weight, white, premium matte paper has a natural, smooth uncoated finish that feels luxurious to the touch.


  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • We use FSC-certified paper or equivalent certifications depending on regional availability. It’s better for the people and the planet.